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The oldest running amusement park in the
world is haunted? We weren't to surprised.
Is this photo of the woman now known as
the Pink Lady Ghost? Or just another hoaks?
Masters of Horror: Created by some of the
most famous directors in the industry
Found out the inner thoughts of killers, and
why they do the terrible things they do.
Masters of Horror tv show brain of a serial killer
Lake Compounce Amusement Park, haunted ghost, Bristol Connecticut The Pink Lady Ghost
Death Factory: A prank turns
tragic when it puts Forthaven
Hospital's janitor into a coma.
One of the responsible medical
students takes it upon herself
to revive him, using an
experimental serum.
The College Inn: Outside of
every door, there is a wall
mounted light. One night in
July, 1999, the hotel was
vacant. Employees entered to
discover every single light had
fallen to the floor.
Piranha: Most of us are aware
of Piranha and how they are
veracious meet eaters. But
have you ever heard the true
story of how a school of these
dangerous fish devoured an
entire bus full of people?
bright seamless backdrop was
the outline of a man. He was
fading in and out with each gust
of wind, like a Polaroid gone
backwards. But I saw him. I saw
the tip of one of his pink fingers.
Dennis Nilson: You have
heard of him, "The Boston
Strangler" He admitted the
murder of 13 women. But did
you know, that till this day,
there is debate whether he
actually committed them.
killer fish, Pirhana
Sleep away Camp trailer:
A series of bizarre and  violent accidents
begin claiming the lives of campers. What
appears to be an ordinary '80s horror flick is
actually, something much more bizarre.
Hints of incest, transsexuality, and
homoeroticism lie beneath the surface in
this story of a summer camp slasher. History
has lumped this into the
category, which is an oversight.
Sleep away Camp for free.
A site for those who have a slight obsession
with  the darker side of life.

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Scary Short Story, Apearance, by  Kate Peterson
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