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Serial Killers, photos, bios, and videos
The definition of a serial killer is an individual who has murdered three or more people over a period of more than a month, with significant time between the murders. However
much we may deney it, there is a fascination with serial murderers. That fascination and curiosity has brought you to the largest list of serial killer on the web. These individuals
act upon the darkest of human impulses. About serial killers, the bios, watch the videos, and look into the mind of some of the most notorious serial murderers of our time.
Angels of Death
Some consider these "angels of death" to be the most disturbing of all serial killers. These are the murders who seem to be
the care givers in our society: nurses, housewives, doctors, etc. They seem such unlikely perpetrators of murder that their
evil crimes often go undetected for years. They have a mismatch between the pose of a caring, kind person, concerned with
loving and looking after others. But, in reality they are psychotic, ruthless murders who take pleasure in causing death.
Nannie Doss, female serial killer, The Black Widow Nannie Doss
1905 -  1965
A.K.A.: Giggling Granny
victims: 11
Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman, serial killer Dr. Harold F. Shipman
Jan. 1946 - Jan. 2004
A.K.A.: Dr. Death
victims: 218
first woman serial killer, Belle Gunness Belle Gunness
Nov. 1859 -  April 1908?
A.K.A.: Lady Blue Beard
victims: 25 - 40
Dennis Neilson serial killer Dennis Nilson
Nov. 1945 - current
A.K.A.: Kindly Killer
victims: 15
Marcel Petiot-French Serial Killer Marcel Petiot
Jan. 17, 1897 -  May
25, 1946
A.K.A.: The Kind Doctor
victims: 60
Sun of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz David Berkowitz
June, 1953 - current
A.K.A.: Sun of Sam
victims: 6
b.t.k. serial killer, Dennis Rader Dennis Rader
1995 - current
A.K.A.: B.T.K.
victims: 10
Serial killer, Ivan Milat Ivan Milat
Dec. 1944 - current
A.K.A.: The
Serial Killer
victims: 7 - 37
interview photo of John Wayne Gacy serial killer John Wayne Gacy
March 17, 1942 -
May 10, 1994
A.K.A. : The Killer Clown
victims: 33
Serial killer, Angelo Buone, The Hill Side Strangler, in court Angelo Buono
Oct. 1934 -  Sept. 2002
A.K.A.: The Hill
victims: 10
Cannibal serial killer Ed Gein, The Butcher of Plainfield
Edward T. Gein
1906 - 1984
A.K.A.: The Butcher
of              Plainfield
victims: 2-3
photo of daniel rollings: the gainesville ripper Daniel Harold Rolling
1954 - 2006
A.K.A.: Gainesville Ripper
victims: 8
Ed Gein's victims
Photo of spree killer, Andrew Cunanin who killed Versace Andrew Cunanan
1969 - 1997
A.K.A.: Andrew Phillip
victims: 5
Richard Ramirez, serial killer, Night Stalker Richard Ramirez
A.K.A.: The Night Stalker
victims: 25
Serial killer, Andrei Chatilo, A.K.A. Rostov Ripper Andrei Chikatilo
1949 - current
A.K.A.: Rostov Ripper
victims: 53
serial murder Peter Sutcliffe, Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe
June 2, 1946 - current
A.K.A.: Yorkshire Ripper
victims: 13
Serial killer, John Francis Duffy John Francis Duffy
1959 - current
A.K.A.: The Railway
Serial             Killer
victims: 3
Serial killer, John Paul knowles, the Casanova Killer John Paul Knowles
1946 - 1974
A.K.A.: Casanova
Serial               Killer
victims: 18 - 35
serial killer Albert DeSalvo - The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo
Sept, 1931 - Nov. 73
A.K.A.: Boston
victims: 13
Photo of serial killer  Robert William Pickton Robert W. Pickton
1949 - current
A.K.A.: Willie
victims: 6 alleged: 43
Serial killer, D.C. Sniper, John Muhammad John Allen Muhammad
Nov. 1945 - current
A.K.A.: Kindly Killer
victims: 15
photo of serial killer Anatoly Onoprienko Anatoly Onoprienko
1959 -  current
A.K.A.: The Terminator
victims: 52
Photo of Adolfo Constanzo Adolfo Constanzo
1962 -  1989
A.K.A.: Matamoros
victims: 23
Mug shot  image of serial killer Carl Panzram Carl Panzram
1891 - 1930
A.K.A.: Jack Allen
victims: 21
Harvey Glatman serial killer Harvey Glatman
Dec. 1927 - Sept. 1959
A.K.A.: The Lonely                    
Hearts Serial                 Killer
victims: 6
Colin Ireland
1954 - current
A.K.A.: The Gay Slayer
victims: 5
Herman W. Mudgett
1861 - 1896
A.K.A.: H.H. Holmes
victims: 27 - 200
Serial killer, Herman Webster Mudgett, A.K. H.H.Holmes
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The Psychology of Serial Killers:
Mental health professionals refer to the (DSM)
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders, to help guide in the treatment of
their patients. It describe antisocial
personality disorder, or ASPD. This condition
describes many serial killers. The most obvious
indicator of the disorder is a total disregard for
laws and the social norm.  
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Watch For Free
Raising Jeffrey Dahmer:
The true story of serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer
The powerful image of a human wanting to eat and consume another human is one of utter disdain, revulsion, and breaking
th ultimate taboo. These monsters don't eat their own kind out of survival or animal instinct. The details of their activities
after killing these victims are often more gruesome than the actual murder. These serial killers do so out of pure twisted
sexual gratification. Often torturing their victims to death before eating them bite by bite over day and even months time.
photo of Ed Kemper, co-ed killer, famous serial killer Edmund E. Kemper
1948 - current
A.K.A.: Co-ed killer
victims: 10
Cannibal serial killer Albert Fish Albert Fish
1948 - current
A.K.A.:The Boogey Man
victims: 10
Jeffrey Dahmer serial killer during stone phillips interview Jeffrey Dahmer
1960 - 1994
A.K.A. Milwaukee Monster
victims: 17
Jeffery Dahmer's victims
Highway killers
These preditors flourish amid the anonymity of our cities in a way that would not be possible in small rural town. As our
population  grows, so does the killing ground of these serial murderers: the highway. They look for hitchhikers and
truck-stop hookers. Sometimes just a nieve college student looking for a free ride. These serial killers are well aware that
there are hundreds of unidentified drifters who travel from place to place. People whose disappearance will never be noticed.
Ted Bundy in court, Theodore Robert Bundy Ted Bundy
1946 - 1989
A.K.A.: Ted Bundy
victims: 28 - 36+
Ted Bundy's victims
photo of female serial killer Aileen Wuornos Aileen Wuornes
1956 - 2002
A.K.A.: Aileen  Pittman
victims: 7
photo of Gary Leon Ridgway, Green River Killer, serial killer Gary Ridgway
1949 -  current
A.K.A.: Green River
Serial             Killer
victims: 48 - 71
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