Andrew Cunanan
Andrew Phillip Cunanan (August 31, 1969 – July 23, 1997) was an American spree killer who murdered at least five people, including fashion
designer Gianni Versace, during a three-month period in 1997, ending with Cunanan's suicide, at age 27. On June 12, 1997, Cunanan became
the 449th fugitive to be listed by the FBI on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
Early life
could not attend the birth of his son Andrew, as he was serving in the Marines in the Vietnam War at the time. Andrew was raised in various
locations in Southern California.

In 1981, his father enrolled him in The Bishop's School in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, California. At school, Cunanan was
remembered as being bright and very talkative, testing with an I.Q. of 147, however he was described as a weird kid who was often bullied at
the hands of fellow students. After graduating from high school in 1987, he became a student at University of California, San Diego, where he
majored in American history.

After graduating from UCSD, he settled in the Castro District of San Francisco. Before the murders, Cunanan was involved in petty theft and
drug dealing.
The first known murder was that of his friend Jeffrey Trail, a former US naval officer and propane salesman on April 25, 1997, in Minneapolis. The
next victim was architect David Madson, who was found on the east shore of Rush Lake near Rush City, Minnesota, on April 29, 1997, with
gunshot wounds to the head. Police recognized a connection, as Trail's body had been found in Madson's Minneapolis loft apartment.
Cunanan next drove to Chicago and killed 72-year-old Lee Miglin, a prominent real estate developer, on May 4, 1997. Five days later, Cunanan,
who took Miglin's car, found his fourth victim in Pennsville, New Jersey, at the Finn's Point National Cemetery, killing 45-year-old caretaker
William Reese on May 9, 1997. Cunanan apparently killed him for his pickup truck, leaving Miglin's car behind. Following this murder, the first of a
non-acquaintance, the FBI added him to its Ten Most Wanted list. While the manhunt focused on Reese's truck, Cunanan "hid in plain sight" in
Miami Beach, Florida, for two months between his fourth and fifth murders. He went out mostly to gay nightclubs, and made little attempt to
disguise his appearance. He even used his own name to pawn a stolen item, knowing that police routinely check pawn shop records for stolen
merchandise. Finally, Cunanan murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace, on July 15, 1997.

The gun used by Cunanan for the murders was a Taurus semi-automatic pistol in .40 S&W caliber, which had been left behind in California by
first victim Jeff Trail when he relocated to the Midwest.

Eight days after murdering Versace, on July 23, 1997, Cunanan committed suicide by gunshot wound to the head in the upstairs bedroom
aboard a Miami houseboat. The suicide was apparently to avoid capture by the police, who finally discovered Reese's stolen truck nearby and
obtained tips from neighbors that someone resembling Cunanan was living in the houseboat.
however, an autopsy found him to be HIV-negative. Cunanan was widely reported to have engaged in prostitution with older men,  resulting in
media speculation that some of his victims were former clients.

Police searched the houseboat where Cunanan died in order to piece together a motive for his killing spree. However, Cunanan left behind few
personal belongings, surprising investigators, given his reputation for acquiring money and expensive possessions from wealthy, older men.[5]
of C.S. Lewis.
Photo of Serial killer, Andrew Cunanin who killed Versace
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