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Adolfo Constanzo
When an American tourist, 21-year-old Mark J. Kilroy, disappeared in Matamoros during Spring Break 1989, local police,
facing pressures from Texas authorities, began to search in earnest for him. They discovered Constanzo's cult quite by
accident (in an unrelated drug investigation) and, after arresting some of the members, quickly discovered that they
More and more of the cult's members were arrested until, on May 6, they had cornered Constanzo and four of his
followers, two of whom were his male lovers, in a dilapidated Mexico City apartment. Determined not to go to prison,
Constanzo ordered one of the disciples to shoot him and Quintana Rodríguez. They were both dead when the police
finally broke in.
One of Constanzo's most trusted leaders within his cult, Sara María Aldrete, was arrested not long after his death. She
was sentenced to a total of 68 years in prison for her involvement in the cult and the murders.
Constanzo visited Mexico City in 1983, supporting himself as a tarot card reader. There, he recruited two young men, Martín Quintana Rodríguez
and Omar Chewe Orea Ochoa to be his servants, lovers and disciples. Constanzo returned to Miami shortly thereafter, but he moved to Mexico
City in mid-1984. Over the next few years he was the leader of a full-fledged cult with drug dealers, musicians and even police officers under his
command. The cult was based in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on the U.S.-Mexico border. He sold drugs, held high-priced occult ceremonies and by at
latest 1987 murdered people for use in human sacrifices. These victims fell along with the cult's rivals in dealing drugs.
Serial killer, Adolfo Constanzo
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