Haunted places in Connecticut
Bloomfielf, Connecticut, 06002
Bloomfield, Connecticut
St. Thomas Seminary:
At one time the grounds of St. Thomas Seminary spanned a far greater area then they currently do today.
Most of the original land has been over grown by woods or sold off to businesses. But the seminary it self
is still actively used by the church of Hartford as well as the University of Hartford, located down the street,
as dorms. The grounds and building itself have had a few reports among the local people. During the
evening hours and at night several people have seen shadowy figures walking through the fields. The gym
has many unexplained cold spots in the old locker and shower rooms and in the basement, which is the
lower gym. The ghosts are believed to be those of former priest, residents and students at the seminary.
No documents of murder or stories of specific deaths have been documented that we could find.
haunted location, Saint Thomas Seminary, Bloomfield Connecticut
Lake Compounce Amusement Park, haunted ghost, Bristol Connecticut
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The oldest running amusement park in the world. The first hauntings date back to the opening of the park
in the late 1800's. The land was originally owned by Chief Compounce and sold to settlers in 1684. A few
days after the sale, the Chief drowned in the lake. Since that time, every building on the land has
experience hauntings at one time or another. As well, as many deaths occurring at the park. In recent
years, a child died from injuries received from a near drowning it the lake, a worker was killed underneath a
rotor ride, and another was nearly decapitated by a roller coaster. Most of the hauntings have occurred in
the Star Light Ball Room. The park is now under new management, and is running successfully. However,
due to the unexplained tragedies and events, the park employs an overnight security service.
822 Lake Ave., 06489
Bristol, Connecticut
Lake Compounce Park:
158 Main Street, 06787
Thomaston, CT
Thomaston Opera House:
There’s one seat near the second row on the left of the balcony at the Thomaston Opera House where no
mortal should sit. Even when the theater is packed, that seat is always reserved. That’s because it is said
to be the very seat of a ghost named Butch. There’s actually a plaque on the seat with his name on it.
Some of the actors who have performed on this stage swear that they have seen the ghost sitting in that
seat during performances. It makes sense that there might be a ghost hanging out here. After all, the
theater was built in 1884 on top of a graveyard. The cemetery was relocated but apparently Butch stuck
around. According to Jeff Dunn, executive director of the Opera House, People would swear that the
theatre is haunted. It seems as though this ghost likes to let the living know that Butch is in the house.
Groton, Connecticut
New London Ledge
Built in the early 1900s, the New London Ledge Light is one of the oddest lighthouses in America. Even its
uniquely peculiar French style distinguishes it from the more traditional and iconic-style lighthouses. This is
where Ernie, a heartbroken ghost, walks the floors at night and often opens and closes doors as well.
There are two explanations reported as to why all the strange sounds and knockings belong to Ernie. The
first is the story about Ernie, the lighthouse keeper, whose wife ran off with a sea captain. Ernie was so
distraught that he climbed to the top of the lighthouse and jumped to his death into the dark cold waters
below. The other variation is that a worker building the lighthouse actually fell off the roof to his death.
Either way, even members of the Coast Guard have experienced weird goings-on at this lighthouse.
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