Haunted places in Colorado
Adams, Colorado, 80223
Adams, Colorado
In the late 80's, towards the back of the park there was a playground and a bathroom for men and
women. One day, teenagers were playing a prank on a young man and locked him in the bathroom caught
on fire and the young man was died in the fire. Some say it was a prank gone wrong and others say it was
murder. When walking down that sidewalk late at night you can here screams and random noises coming
from the large Cottonwood Trees next to the bathroom. It's said that after you have heard these noises
you'll get the feeling as if someone is chasing you, like the boy is trying to chase you down. Today the
building is no longer usable. The only sign that it was a bathroom is faded print on one of the doors that
says "woman". Also, in the early 2000's a similar incident happened in the same place.
Thornton-Woodglen Park:
Haunted Thorton Woodglen Park. Adans, Colorado
Haunted Colorado building- Boulder, College-Inn
The College Inn was built in the mid 70's, and was used as a hotel and conference center. But recently it's
been used as a dormitory also. There is at least one ghost that haunts this building. When the Building
paranormal activity seems to centers on the third floor. Phenomena range from random noises coming
from bathrooms, elevator doors opening and closing on their own, visible smoke like apparitions,
unexplained stains on walls and voices that almost every staff member has reported hearing. There's lamps
in the hallways outside of every door in the hotel. One night in July, 1999, the hotel was vacant. Employees
entered in the morning to discover every one had fallen to the floor, it took days to replace them.
1729 Athens St. 80302
Boulder, Colorado
College Inn:
Alma, Colorado, 80420
Alma, Colorado
Schwartz Hotel:
There is a local store about this 7-11 store and how it is haunted. It is said that it was built on an old Indian Reservation, which there is a lot of
in that area. Between midnight and 3 am, all sorts strange occurrences start to happen in the store. Items randomly flying off the shelves when
no one is near them and glowing red eyes in the back in the cooler, all this caught on the stores surveillence. People hear footsteps when no
customers in the store, and as you leave, some say, you can hear faint friendly voices saying thank you for visiting, and sometimes faint Native
American music outside of the store.
Smokey Hill Rd., 80015
Aurora, Colorado
7-11 store:
they walk by the hotel. Legend states that during the 1800's a father and son had a dispute which
eventually lead to them shooting each other. They are now believed to haunt the hotel and the surounding
areas. They even frightened and tormented one lady so horribly that she hanged herself from the upper
balcony. So, they say, the real reason will never be known. Witnesses have claimed to see this woman in
the upstairs hallways.
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