Haunted places in Arkansas
1100 Henderson Street, 71999
Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Henderson State University: There are a couple different ghost that haunt the campus of Henderson
State. A ghost is known by the named Simon and he tends to haunt the University theatre. He is his
foot steps as he roams around. On occasion he is known to drop harmless objects, such as newspapers,
onto the stage from the ceiling. Also on the campus is a girl who haunts the dorms at night, State. A
ghost is known by the named Simon and he tends to haunt the University theatre. He is searching for
her lost love. The story goes that she fell in love with a the man of her dreams. He eventually left her
sending her into a deep depression where she just waisted away and eventually dies. while particularly
fond of the balcony section, where he known to move seats. People also hear him laugh and attending
the college. There have been many reports of this spirit wandering the dorms.
Henderson University:
haunted Arkansas, Henderson State University
A little boy has also been seen in the cemetery and has been captured in pictures that had been shot in
Over the past years, there have been mysterious glowing lights seen in the cemetery part of the church.
through the upstairs window in what seems to be her sitting in a rocking chair. Lights turn on and off
mysteriously through out the church, this could just be old faulty wiring, but employees and patrons
insisted that it is old spirits trying to communicate. On the gravel road out front of is also rumored to be
haunted by a woman who had been accidentally killed in the early 1900's.
- we had difficulty researching
this and are not positive, but it seems the church has long been closed and boarded up?
2655 Heber Springs Rd, 72501
Batesville, Arkansas
Liberty Baptist Church:
haunted church in Batesville, Arkansas.  Liberty Baptist
Established in the late 1800's in the French port community near Camden. Home to a young girl that was allegedly beaten by her parents, she
was locked in her upstairs room until she died of starvation. Tales from travelers swore of ghastly sounds coming from the home, and strange
mishaps have occurred to passing vehicles. The young girl is supposedly buried in an unmarked grave across the road from the house in Jones
Cemetery. The cemetery itself has its own reports of strange occurrences. One example is if you turn off your vehicle its motor, it may not
start again. Also mechanical parts to vehicles will go missing after entering the cemetery's gate.
Camden Arkansas, 71711
Camden, Arkansas
Burkett's House:
haunted Methodist Medical Center, Paragould, Arkansas
The most common sighting is the ghost of a little boy with blonde hair on the fourth floor. No one knows
who he is, he is about 5 or 6 years of age and wears white pajamas. Typically he is seen by patients who
know nothing of the ghost. Usually he is playing or looking for a small cat. Sometimes there are multiple
children. They have been seen on the fourth floor, in the garden, and in the stairwells. Another ghost
sighting occurred in room 321. A very alert and oriented patient looked up from reading to see the room
in dark red with a confederate soldier standing in the room. The patient said he didn't do anything for a
900 West Kings Highway, 72451
Paragould, Arkansas
Methodist Medical Center:
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