In some cases it isn't always a building, home or structure. Sometimes it's just the place, the ground. In
1986, a couple reported that camping in the desert when they saw the ghosts of Indians riding horses,
and shooting arrows at them. Every year there has been other reports of a man seen holding a lantern,
trying to hitchhike towards Phoenix. People say that apparently this man was killed when he was hit by a
car and ran over. Also, down by the rivers and washes the ghost of deer and coyote that were killed by
hunters can be seen drinking. Tourist say when they approach these animals, the animals try to attack
them and then seem to vanish.
Anthem, Arizona
Anthem desert:
Haunted places in Arizona
Ajo, Arizona 85321
Ajo, Arizona
In the early 1950's, there was a couple got married in Ajo, Arizona and was driving to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon. Sometime around
midnight, they entered a stretch of highway known by the locals as crater range. This is a windy road that cuts through the mountains with huge
rocks and craters on either side. They lost control of their car, crashing into the rocks and were both killed at the scene. It is said that if you
drive through crater range after midnight you can sometimes see a faint image of their car and the couple off to the side of the road, trying to
flag down help.
Crater Range:
Anthem, Arizona, haunted arizona desert
Ajo, Arizona  85086
Bisbee, Arizona
Copper Queen Hotel:
-There are three ghosts at the Copper Queen Hotel. The first, an older gentleman with a beard is usually
appears in the doorways as a shadow or in the rooms in the southeast corner of the fourth floor.
-The second, is a female named Julia Lowell. The story goes that she was a prostitute and used the rooms
in the hotel for her clients. She supposedly fell in love with one of the gentlemen and upon telling him, he
no longer wanted anything to do with her. She then took her own life at the hotel. Her presence is felt on
ear, and it’s said that she likes to play with men’s feet.
-The third is a small boy, age eight or nine. It is said that he drowned in the San Pedro River. His spirit
found its way to the hotel because a relative was employed there at the time. He’s the most mischievous of
the three. Guests, on the west side of the hotel have reported objects in their rooms moved from one his
intoxicating giggle. He is never seen, just heard.
haunted places in Arizona, Copper Queen Hotel
Cochise Courthouse:
100 Quality Hill, 85603
Located on the top floor of the courthouse is the old Cochise County Jail, where heavy energies and smells
can often be detected. The Division 2 Judge's chambers is often the site of strange occurrences such as
moving objects, noises and a slight scent of cigar smoke. Security Officers who open the building in the
early mornings, have reported hearing voices, slamming doors and seeing an apparently headless
apparition in a Judge's Robe, floating through the 2nd floor lobby. This apparition is believed to possibly be
the spirit of Judge John Wilson Ross, who served on the bench from 1931 to 1943. Numerous reports of
paranormal events have been recorded throughout the rest of the building, mostly by the employees who
work at the courthouse on a regular basis.
haunted places in Arizona, Cochise County Courthouse
11 Howell Avenue,  85603
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