Dimond Center:
A spirit is said to haunt room #201 by a man who died there, and whose body was not found for several
days, according to the staff. Also, there is what appears to be a cat walking around that disappears and
reappears in different locations. Many guest have also reported seeing.a ghost by the name of Ken who
wanders the parking lot and courtyard, in and around the gazebo. These sort of sightings and activity is
also very evident in rooms 103 and 107. This is a well documented haunted location, even guest writing
reviews on the web mention these occurrences and say that management is aware and is trying to "fix"
the problems. - this is not a direct quote from management or staff. All info is acquired from a third
800 East Dimond Blvd.  99515
Anchorage, Alaska
Haunted places in Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska. Haunted Marriott Hotel
The  locals say that when the Diamond center was first built in 2002 the grounds under it were Native
American burial grounds.  While digging up the grounds to build the mall, workers came across a few
graves, but due the fact there was so few of them, they continued construction. People claim to see
wolfs roaming the halls and hearing the sound of flute music playing. And the ghosts of people dressed
in Native American clothing  often appear to people in the hallways of the building. There is a evil
presence in one of the stores that a lot of people are afraid of. They say it appears as a dark shadow
and then a deep feeling of fear comes over whoever happens to be in the room. And supposedly if you
try to stay in the room you will be pinched or hear a loud hiss in your ears.
haunted places, diamond center, Anchorage, Alaska
Marriott Hotel #201:
5060 A Street,  99503
Established in 1916,  this historic hotel  is one of the oldest hotels in Anchorage, and was the city's
central meeting and gathering place, and has many stories of different hauntings. Happenings have been
circulating at the hotel for many years and are considered to be related to the death of the first Chief of
Police, Jack Sturgus. On February 20, 1921 at 9:15 p.m., Anchorage's first Police Chief John J. "Black
Jack" Sturgus was found shot in the back with a bullet from his own gun. Also, several guests have
reported seeing a young girl walk the second floor hall, In rooms 215 and 217. Televisions will turn on
and off at will. Employees have reported hearing people coming down the stairs when the hotel is empty.
The hotel now leaves a log book so guest can record their haunting experiences.
Historic Anchorage Hotel:
330 E. Street, 99501
haunted Anchorage, Alaska, Historic Hotel
Ship Creek is a relatively new community. In 1915 President Woodrow Wilson authorized funds for the
construction of the Alaska Railroad. The town of Ship Creek Landing in Anchorage was choosen as the
headquarters of the construction and soon had grew to a population of over 2,000 people. According to
the locals, in 1987, a woman named Marie was raped and murdered at Ship creek. Now it is a regular
occurrence for , what is believed to be, this woman's ghostly apparition to appear. Reports of Marie's   
Now it is a regular the locals,  Reports of Marie's ghost is most frequently reported between the old ANS
hospital and the old Alaska Railroad terminal. For the most part, it's the local homeless community that
report seeing her. They say that she is there to warns of the dangers of being in the area and to leave
Ship Creek:
Anchorage, Ship Creek, 99501
NANA Museum:
100 Shore Ave., 99508
Kotzebue, Alaska
During the spring season is when most of the snow melts in Kotzebue. The melted snow often forms a
huge puddle underneith the museum. There is quite a few different versions of this story but this one
says that there was a young boy named Alex playing with a basketball near the museum. His ball went
under the building and when he went to go try to retreve it he slipped under the building, into the being
a haunted location begins, a vague simularity to the famous Bloody Mary story... people say if you bring
a basketball to the auditorium part of the museum, put it on the floor, leave the room, and say, "Alex,
come get your ball!" you will hear the ball start bouncing. The ghost of Alex the playful boy.
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