Located about an hour north of Montgomery, is the Buck Creek Cotton Mill. This building and location has
such history we figured it definitely should be listed. The original name of this cotton mill was Suluria
Cotton Mill, built in 1896, which was later changed to Buck Creek. Local authorities are well aware of the
stories of hauntings, which attracted trespassing, and fenced in and secured the property. The mill was
later torn down in 2007, but a few of the original buildings still remain. There is the small jail, office
building, and water tower. Locally it is well known as a haunted location, due to the many death that
occurred on the site. Supposedly there is blood spots in some rooms,  random cold spots, dark moving
shadows and some very scary, unexplained noises.
Alabaster, Alabama
Buck Creek Cotton Mill:
Haunted Alabama, Alabaster, Buck Creek Cotton Mill
Albertville, Alabama
Supposedly the library was built over a house that was torn down in the early 1900's and the people who
lived there aren't very happy about it and they are the ones who haunt the library to this day. Some  
visitors and  the employees of the library say that there is a lot of unexplained occurrences. For instance,
employees of the library will hear water running in the bathroom and when they go to shut it off or see
where it is coming from, the water will not be running and the noise will completely stop. Also the elevator
operates on it's own, going up and down and the doors opening and closing, whether people are around
or not. Most of the occurrences are reported happening very early in the morning when the first employee
arrives or when there are very few people there.
haunted locations, Albertville, Alabama, Public Library
200 Jackson Street, 35950
Haunted places in Alabama
400 Hillcrest Rd, 35005
Adamsville, Alabama
In the wing of the school that occupies the band and choir, a ghost of a young boy has been seen several times from various people over the
years. Reports state that the apparition will appear and only be seen for a brief moment before diapering again. These sightings have been
reported at all hours, day and night.
The community of Indian Meadows and Shady Grove, are both built over an ancient Cherokee Indian burial
ground. And running between the two is a stretch of road called Maytown Road. While walking the streets
at night, people have reported hearing noises as if someone is following  them, but then turn around to
find that noone is there. Also figures have been seen scurrying about in the woods. People have reported
hearing scratching noises outside their houses late at night or to see shadows of people running past their
windows. Most sighting are seen during the night hours or when people are home by themselves, voices
calling out their names, and even the sound of someone running through the house. According to these
reports, your never alone when walking the streets of Shady Grove at night.
Bottenfield Middle School:
Indian Meadows:
Maytown Road, 35005
haunted locations, Indian Meadows, Adamsville, Alabama
Albertville Public Library:
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