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Real video and photos of monsters
and unexplained creatures.
This is one of the newest sections of  We will have a lot more info
and great videos for you in the near future. Until
then, check out some of the videos and info below.
The truth behind the Gable Film
A video we found of  animal deformities
Real Bigfoot Photo
Real Ghost videos, photos, and
haunted locations in America
Below are resent videos added to our play list of
ghost videos and
haunted locations in America.
We bring you only what we believe to be true and
credible. But ultimately it's for you to decide.
31 real ghost videos and real ghost footage
Newly listed haunted locations in America
index of Haunted Places in the U.S. is our newest
page at Disturbing Horror. We document haunted
locations with stories, videos, and photos. We
research to see if these stories are believable and
authentic or just another urban legend.
Bisbee, Arizona - Copper Queen Hotel - haunted
Bisbee, Arizona
Copper Queen Hotel
There are three ghosts at the Copper Queen Hotel. An
old man, a prostitute, and the most mischievous is an 8
year old young boy you can hear running and laughing
up and down the hall ways.
Albertville, Alabama - haunted library
Albertville, Alabama
Albertville Public Library
The library was built over a house that was torn down  
in the early 1900's and the people who used to lived
there aren't very happy about it. Supposedly, they are
the ones who haunt it to this day.
Buck Creek Cotton Mill - Alabaster, Alabama - haunted building
Alabaster, Alabama
Buck Creek Cotton Mill
The building itself is a ghost. Locally it is well known as
a haunted location, due to the many death that
occurred on the site. Supposedly there is blood spots in
some rooms,  random cold spots, dark moving shadows
and some very scary, unexplained noises.
Read stories and see photos of haunted places, haunted
items, and our full index of haunted places in America.
Real alien and extraterrestrial
photos and videos.
Real alein photo
Coming soon!
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