-Males are only good for one thing
Black Widow Spider: After mating, the femal black widow will kill and devour the male.
Latrodectus is a genus of spider, in the family Theridiidae, that contains 31 recognized species.
The Black Widow is considered the most venomous spider in North America. A bite from this
spider is considered very dangerous due to the injection of neurotoxic venom, latrotoxin,
resulting in the condition latrodectism, named for the genus. But people receive less bites from
this spider than you may think and the bites rarely kill human beings, if their wounds are given
medical treatment.  There hasn't been a reported death in over 15 years. In addition, only full
grown female black widows are venomous, males and juveniles are harmless. The female reaches
only a maximum length of .5" long and 1.5" when her legs are fully spread.
-The nose nose
Andean Tiger: Is a very rare breed of dog that has two noses and lives mostly in Bolivia and
Trinidad. The Andean Tiger Hound is believed to be descended from the Pachon Navarro,
thought to have been brought over to Central and South America by the Spanish Conquistadors
in the 16th century. Actually, the "double nose" appears to be a normal dog's nose, but with the
nostrils separated by a band of skin and fur dividing the nose all the way down to the dog's
upper lip. More likely to be considered a split nose. This is not considered a rare birth defect.
Recognizing the Andean tiger as a specific bred is premature. This dog is considered a hound
and was first discovered over a century ago, but it wasn't till 2005 that it completely became
domesticated. Not surprisingly, the dogs are valued for their excellent sense of smell. The dogs
are commonly used to hunt jaguars that prey on villager's cattle.
Black Widow Spider on her web
Photo of two nosed Andean Tiger Hound in the grass
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Weird animals, disturbing facts about nature and more...
Serial killers and horror movies are not the only place to find stomach turning, disturbing facts and images. These bizarre acts of nature and weird animal behavior, that we
consider horrific, happen every day. Right in our own back yard. From scary animals, weird parasites, poisonous insects and oddities of nature, to simply vicious animal killers.
Please read and inform your self of these weird animals and disturbing facts of nature. Also, if you happen to know of any strange animals or odd animal behavior, let us know
and we will ad it to the list.
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-Home sweet home
Candiru Catfish: Also known as the tooth pick fish, are a number of genera of parasitic
freshwater catfish which is mostly found at the junction of the Amazon River and the Rio Negro,
near Brazil's inland city of Manaus. This small fish has the ,alleged, tendency to be attracted to
ammonia and swim into and parasitize the human urethra. Dating back to the 19th century
there hasn't been any documented cases of a Candiru parasiting a human. Even today, there is
only one documented case of the removal of a candiru from a human urinary system. In this
instance, the victim claimed a candiru swam into his urethra while he was urinating in the river. A
British Biologist by the name, Jeremy Wade investigated this incident for the Animal Planet's
River Monsters. The victim underwent a two-hour urological surgery to remove the candiru. Dr.
D. Scott Smith, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Kaiser Permanente, described the candiru as
having spikes to assist it from being removed from its host.
Tooth Pick Fish, the Candiru Catfish
-who doesn't love milk
Tapeworm: A parasitic flat worm that has been known to infest the digestive tract of humans.
This worm can reach lengths of 40 foot and live for up to 20 years. The most common
tapeworms in humans are the pork tapeworm (T. solium), the beef tapeworm (T. saginata), the
fish tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium spp.), and the dwarf tapeworm (Hymenolepis spp.). Infections
involving the pork and beef tapeworms are also called taeniasis. Usually the only side effects of
having this parasite live in your intestines is abdominal cramps, weight loss, and rectal itching.
The most disturbing part is an alleged remedy to rid yourself of this parasite: Place a bowl of
warm milk near your mouth. Attracted to the milk, the worm will slowly make it's way out
through your mouth. Keep moving the bowl further and further away until the worm has
completely exited your intestines. You must stay relaxed or the worm will quickly retract back
into your intestines where it will continue to lay eggs.
Videos of strange and weird Animal.
Do you know a disturbing or weird
nature fact? Let us know
and we'll add it to the list.
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giant super soldier ants
-The six million dollar ant.
Super Soldier Ants: Scientist in Canada have created what is simply being called the Super
soldier Ant. The scientists applied juvenile hormone to various ant larvae at crucial
stages in their development, resulting in the emergence of the super soldier ant. They believe
that this process has "awaken" a prehistoric gene that lies dormant in many, if not all creatures.
Now studies are being done on the ants behaviors. It has been discovered that under stress the
ants body reacts by actually expanding in size. Basically, when threatened or in combat mode,
they grow. The ants also have huge oblong heads and giant, vicious mandibles, which the
insects use to defend their colonies. And the ants have also been seen using their giant armored
heads to block the entrance and access to the nest and colony. No word has been said whether
or not this practice is being experimented on other animals.
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